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Leadership Education

Program Summary.

The PAL Leadership Education program is dedicated to developing and inspiring individuals to contribute to the vitality and leadership of central Yavapai County.  This is accomplished through a year long, interactive, training program focused on providing effective leadership skills and tools.


Our Mission

The mission of Prescott Area Leadership is to develop and inspire individuals to contribute to the vitality and leadership of Central Yavapai County, Arizona.


Candidacy is open to all individuals. Candidates must have lived in Central Yavapai County for at least one year and be over the age of 18.


The application is the first in a two-step selection process. Following a review of the applications, candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview.

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The membership BBQ is an opportunity for incoming students to meet each other, alumni and board members, as well as get informed on class information.


Shadowing is about learning different leadership styles and techniques from those in current leadership positions. This is your opportunity to spend a day with community leaders whose leadership style would benefit you most.


The PAL Program begins with a two-day, overnight, retreat. The class will engage in many team building activities to further strengthen the class as a team.

Field Trips

Enjoy learning first hand about our local Prescott communities through informational field trips. You and your class members are in charge of deciding where you would learn the most by visiting area businesses, museums, parks, etc.

LED Days

Leadership Education Days are held one day a month. The day consists of leadership education and skills training as well as discussions on important regional issues.


Volunteering is the heart of servant leadership and is an integral part of the PAL Program.  Students will participate in two service days that are intended to provide an opportunity to serve their community in an area of their choice.  



Community Issues

Earn College


   Disc Assessment & Application

   Public Communications

   Strategic Planning

   Creative Leadership

   Team Building


   Challenges in Leadership

   Consensus Building

   Economic Development

   Education & Training

   Jobs & Housing for All

✔   Business/Growth


   Community Safety


Leadership & Motivation is taught in partnership with the Fast-Track Management Program at Yavapai College. PAL class members attending all three Leadership & Motivation sessions receive one credit toward the 3-credit Fast-Track Leadership certification.

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The tuition for the Prescott Area Leadership program is a one-time fee of $600.00 for the one-year program. Financial payment arrangements and scholarships are available. The tuition is due upon selection, unless arrangements have been made.

Tuition Includes:


   The Cost of the Retreat

   Course Materials

 ✔  Yavapai College Course Credit

 ✔  Commencement Exercise

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