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About Us.

Prescott Area Leadership is a non-profit, volunteer-led educational organization designed for individuals who want to improve their leadership skills and are committed to personal involvement in shaping the quality of life and future of the community.

490 individuals are graduates of the Prescott Area Leadership Education program with Class 2020 yet to graduate!  Imagine harnessing the knowledge, the leadership skills, and the desire to serve within this group of individuals. And imagine offering your unique skills and passions to further enrich this group!


Leadership skill development sessions are led by PAL alumni and local leaders who are professionals in the field of study or who have particular expertise in the topic being explored. Some sessions are taught by staff of Yavapai College.

We look forward to having you on our team and seeing you succeed!

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Our History.

Prescott Area Leadership (PAL) was founded by Ron Barnes, Ed.D., in 1990 to develop and inspire individuals to contribute to the vitality and leadership of Central Yavapai County.  An all-volunteer led non-profit education organization, PAL began as a leadership development program designed to foster effective leadership for the betterment of our communities.  

In 1994 PAL expanded by instituting the annual recognition and honoring of Leader of the Year.  To broaden the recognition of leaders positively impacting our communities, this grew into Man, Woman and Youth Leaders of the Year in 2003.  

PAL’s growth continued in 2010 by creating the Prescott Area Youth Leadership Program for Quad Cities’ high school students.  This youth leadership program continues to inspire and enrich emerging leaders today as PAL's Youth Leadership Academy.

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